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Let 4Sight lead your company in its transformation to Industry 4.0, the latest phase of technological and industrial advancement.

4 Sight’s Operational Technologies (OT) Cluster provides key 4IR technologies and services needed to help industrial customers with their full end-to-end digital transformation journey, while following a cost effective and low risk self-funding methodology. This allows customers to remain competitive in the digital economy while making sure any digital initiative has a 6-month or better return on investment (ROI).

Improve process efficiency, quality and productivity with an advanced digital solution by 4Sight Operational Technologies.

4Sight Operational Technologies Solutions

We enable our customers to digitally transform their operations using the best in class technologies. Transformation activities include asset Automation, Optimisation and Simulation. Our solutions include IIoT, automation, systems integration, MES systems fully integrated with ERP for real-time insights, advanced process control, prescriptive maintenance, production scheduling, digital twin simulations, SHEQ and environmental solutions. Our deep domain engineering experts implement and support our various operation solutions.

  • Automationby 4Sight | AGE Technologies
  • Optimisationby 4Sight | BluESP
  • Simulationby 4Sight | SET – Simulation Engineering Technologies Proprietary Limited

A Proud International Footprint

4Sight boasts a proud International footprint,  with over 3 000 customers world-wide, and representation in 67 countries. With over 400 employees, 12 Alliance partners and 7 OEM partners, 4Sight has built an outstanding reputation as a Global leader in digital transformation solutions, that is growing still.

A Proud International Footprint

4Sight boasts a proud International footprint,  with over 3 000 customers world-wide, and representation in 67 countries. With over 400 employees, 12 Alliance partners and 7 OEM partners, 4Sight has built an outstanding reputation as a Global leader in digital transformation solutions, that is growing still.

Customer References

4Sight have assisted many renowned and blue chip companies with their journeys into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Let us provide you with a digitisation solution that will benefit your company by providing your with the edge needed to stay ahead of your competitors.

Industries we serve

We work with leading companies in various industries to drive profitability and maximise return on investment. Our competent, industry-experienced engineers are well versed in helping clients to push the boundaries of what’s possible across areas of engineering, operations and performance

Oil and Gas


Power Utilities


Rail & Transport



Port & Terminals

Total Solution Offer

We believe that the key characteristic of 4IR is the intelligent use of data to support better decision-making in near real time. This is critically important in today’s hyper-competitive digital economy in which the ability to pivot rapidly in response to changing market conditions or customer demand is vital.

To realise the true value of 4IR technologies, organisations will need to evolve so that people and technology also converge.

Asset Automation by 4Sight | AGE Technologies

As a leading System Integrator, 4Sight AGE Technologies integrate various products and solutions into one seamless system that adheres to client specifications. The manufacturing facet of every project is unique and comprises of various value-added services to complementing each solution.

Intelligent Motor Control Solutions

We provide smart solutions for your motor control, power quality, and energy management challenges. We use industry-leading components that provide the most comprehensive process control and energy management capabilities in the industry including: overload controllers, process and machine drives, surge protection, circuit breakers, power metering and enclosures..Find Out More..

Process Automation Systems

We are driven by our clients’ successes, and with this in mind we dissect a client’s processes to effectively conceptualize, design and implement an entirely integrated system that meets all requirements. At 4Sight AGE Technologies we utilize the best automation and electrical equipment, drives, power and energy products from industry leaders. All our engineered systems are developed under an ISO-certified quality management system and undergo Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)..Find Out More..

Industrial Information & Communications Technology

We supply networks for high performance machine applications. Industrial Ethernet has the requisite level of robustness and reliability, connecting all the levels of your business, from plant floor to enterprise, using one common technology.

Energy Management

We provide electrical power meters, energy meters and power monitoring software for power monitoring and energy management..Find Out More..


We supply and support a wide range of process instrumentation that provides high quality measurement solutions to monitor and provide analysis of your plant..Find Out More..

Assest Simulation by 4Sight | SET

4Sight SET is a consulting company and a leader that specialises in creating accurate, discrete-event computer simulation models. These models consist of complex systems within mining, rail, logistics, manufacturing and service industries.

Process Simulation

We specializes in simulation modeling, a way to create an exact mirror image of your business processes. This mirror image, or “digital twin”, behaves the same way as the current system, but it all takes place within a virtual environment. Over the past decade we’ve grown our business, with over 260 successful projects located in 20 different countries. This means that we understand different working environments and operating procedures..Find Out More..

Planning & Scheduling

We provide advanced scheduling solutions with the use of the Simio Risk-Based Planning and Scheduling (RPS) software. We assist customers to predict risk, manage uncertainty and align operations. Unlike other scheduling solutions, Simio allows you to perform Risk Analysis in Real Time!..Find Out More..

Logistics & Warehouse Optimisation

We also provides expert warehouse solutions for optimisation with the use of the Optislot software, developed by Optricity. We assist warehouses improve ROI by optimising operations with advanced slotting technologies. Benefits include: increased efficiencies and labour reduction..Find Out More..

Assets Optimisation by 4Sight | BluESP

4Sight BluESP is an engineering technology company that focuses on delivering software solutions to the mining and manufacturing sector. These solutions enable companies to optimally operate processing plants or streamline manufacturing processes to maximise revenues, eliminate inefficiencies and minimise costs.

APC (Advanced Process Control)

Maximise production & improve reliability in ever changing upstream conditions. Increase production up to 5%, reduce energy usage & mitigate process upsets with Advanced Process Control technology designed for upstream processes..Find Out More..

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Bring together the power of data to operate your plant more efficient, with advanced visualisation software that helps production, quality and process engineers remedy and avoid events that limit production profitability..Find Out More..

APM (Asset Performance Management)

Maximise Safety, Sustainability and Productivity by Turning Unplanned Downtime into Planned Downtime. Industry-leading solution combines machine learning with predictive analytics to anticipate issues before they occur. Keep assets running at peak efficiency, improve safety and eliminate costly unplanned downtime..Find Out More..

APPS & Analytics (Actionable Insight)

We offer a suite of software, analytics and apps that collects and analyses data accross different datasets presenting powerful visualisation to help users understand the information and make smarter and faster decisions to improve operational excellence..Find Out More..

Digitise your industrial processes with 4Sight

Industry 4.0 offers a number of benefits for manufacturing companies. Take the next step to gain competitive advantage – Contact 4Sight today for a full end-to-end digitisation solution that is tailored to your company’s needs.

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